Although being a stationary indoor bike, a Watt Bike mimics the experience of an outdoor bike.
Using air and magnetic resistance to replicate the gearing of a normal bike, it provides accurate and
repeatable performance data using Power, Cadence and Heart Rate, thereby ensuring that every
training session is of the highest quality.

Interpreting this data can be complicated and intimidating. That's where I come in, as your interpreter.

The Watt Bike works wonders for cyclists who want to improve their skill and technique. However it can also be great
for those wanting to add another dimension to their training programme.

          VENUE:                                     CLASS TIMES:                                        COST OF SESSIONS

          Parkhurst                                    Watt Bike training is done one                   R120 Per Class
                                                           on one at a time to suit you                      R600 for 6 sessions
                                                                                                                        R1200 for 15 sessions