I have been training with Vicki for over 6 years and been pleased with my results. Vicki is attentive to my needs and pushes me to improve, but not outside my capabilities. Exercise is an important part of my life and Vicki helps me enjoy it more. I would recommend her to anyone.

“They say in life you meet people they come into your life for a purpose and for a limited period of time......
Back in October 2010 she saw potential in me and convinced me to join gym.
I stalled and finally in January 2011 I gave in and joined gym for the first time 4 years later -
she has converted me into an Iron Man.....

Two 15hrs Spinning Marathons
Kettlebells competitions...
Warrior race
Fitness competitions.....And some beers along the way”

I did not inherit the intrinsic exercise gene like some, so I have always struggled with sticking on a fitness path. Vicki has always been there to offer advice and support when I've needed it, which has helped keep me on the 'straight and narrow'. What I especially appreciate, is Vicki's patience and complete non-judgemental approach. As a personal trainer she is incredibly understanding and supportive with just the right amount of push when it's needed. I have never left a training session feeling disappointed, I've never gone through a session without laughing and I've never had a session that I didn't feel over the next day or two - the perfect balance between drill sergeant and clown.