Also known as a ‘handlebell’ or ‘girya’, a kettle bell looks like a cannonball with a handle.
Kettle bells are used to build strength and endurance and bridge the gap between cardiovascular and weight training.
Kettle bells work the entire body and there is no isolation of muscle groups.

They are also a great workout for your core as almost all movements rely on
full hip extension so the core is constantly working..

          VENUE:                                                         CLASS TIMES:                                        COST OF CLASSES

          Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre                  Monday 17h30-18h30                         R132 Per Class
          No. 67 10th Street                                           Wednesday 06h00-07h00                    R660 for 6 sessions
          Parkhurst                                                        Thursday 16h30-17h30                       R1320 for 15 sessions

For safety reasons, it’s important that all new students do an introductory class to learn the technique.
If you have not done kettle bell classes before, please contact Vicki to arrange a session.